Friday, April 17, 2009

Freeport to Seahorse

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  1. Took this route to Freeport today. It was slightly overcast so it was a perfect day for cycling. Seeing the neighbourhoods up close gives you a glimpse of Grand Bahama that can't be seen from the main roads. This is an island that is still in the process of revitilization.
    We continued on to Xanadu Beach via West Sunrise Hwy, Santa Maria Ave and Pinta Ave. Had great conch salad at the beach shack washed down with a Kalik. Then headed back to Santa Maria which turns into Lunar Blvd, left on Polaris, right on East Beach which joins up with the route on Ponciana. There's a Stop N'Shop on the corner of Lunar and Polaris if you need to pick up supplies.
    Just note that Gambier Dr is a main road. Also we got a little confused at the turns for Barbados Dr since there are no street signs.